About EventFit

Jenni is owner and coach at EventFit Rider Performance and also a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Sciences at Hartpury University. Jenni is a certified personal trainer and programme manager for the BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning programme. Jenni has taught and published in both human and equine sports science fields. Jenni is passionate about exercise physiology and training and bringing that knowledge to the equestrian community, as such she completed a PhD investigating physiological demands in Eventing. Jenni started EventFit to combine her love and knowledge of equestrian sports performance and training and aims to be able to support a wide range of riders with their athletic preparation online.

The EventFit platform aims to bring you online accessible training for all riders, online educational courses, podcasts and an inclusive community to support you on your fitness and health journey. Look in the menu to learn more about Jenni, the programmes and services EventFit offers, blogs and podcasts, and information on how to join the EventFit community. Thank you for visiting the site.


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