Express Abs

Try this express abs circuit at the end of a workout. Perform each exercise for 30s and take a 15s break between each exercise. At the end of each ’round’ take a minute rest and then repeat a further 2 rounds (so you complete 3 in total).


Lie on your back with your feet straight up in the air. Trace a W shape with your feet!


Sit down and place your forearms on the floor. Crunch knees in  and repeat, without ever letting your feet rest on the ground. Make it harder by not using your hands to support yourself while you do the motion.


Sit down and place your forearms on the floor. Lift one straight leg up in the air and reach for it with the opposite hand. Do 30s one side then 30s on the other if you can and if not 15s each side.


Place your legs in the air (as straight as your hamstrings flexibility will allow), and reach upward for your toes. For an extra burn do not place your shoulders onto the mat.

Now when it comes to sports specificity, controlled core movements, reactive core movements and partially static, isometric hold/release movements are most replicative of equestrian athletic requirements. That said we need to build a platform to these movements which movements like this allow. Now, go get that ab burn on…….

Jenni x

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