Welcome to the Ride Strong Academy

The place for equestrians to get fit, healthy and strong!

I understand that every rider and their needs are different, which is why I created The Ride Strong Academy, a support system tailored to you.

The Ride Strong Academy was designed with you in mind. To bring the best out of you and your riding.

EventFit is here to have your back through the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs; to be the support system to point out that there are no such things as ‘failures’, just lessons learned…

…and to celebrate your successes with a virtual G&T!

Can’t wait to get going!


How to use the Ride Strong Academy

The Ride Strong Academy is everything I wish I had when I was starting my fitness journey…

…which is why I made it my mission to give it to you guys.

Over the years, I have learned how important it is to be realistic as well as push for your goals. Your time is your only limited resource, right? So be sure to watch this super short navigation video which shows you how to make use of the Ride Strong Academy effectively and efficiently!

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