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I have worked with many riders, both competitive and leisure riders who spend a lot of time money and effort ensuring their horses welfare and performance is the best it can possibly be and are then left wondering why they cannot apply the aids in time, why they can’t get their leg into the right position, or why despite their best efforts they cannot seem to stop leaning on the horses reins for their own stability.

I really believe in cross training for horse-riders, and because I am so passionate about understanding what training methods are the most effective I conducted a comprehensive PhD to truly understand the physiological demands of horse-riding.

I measured nearly 200 riders during laboratory and on-horse tests both in competition and simulated to truly understand what happens within a riders body not only during Dressage but also during Cantering Jumping and during a cross country course! Riders undertook maximal tests on treadmills, bikes, strength tests, and I measured their muscle activity whilst riding. I also made them wear face masks to measure how hard it was for them in the different gaits and positions! It was pretty interesting!

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Off the back of this research I decided to design programmes that truly work based on the knowledge I have gained from doing such specific research. The programmes vary from challenges to bespoke packages designed just for you! Have a read below to see what option will suit you in your fit rider journey!

Free Rider Fitness Starter Pack!

I am passionate about rider fitness and I believe EVERYONE should have some access to ideas and motivation to move forwards with a fit rider journey. That is why I released the EventFit 7-Day Basics Plan! This is a FREE download for you busy riders! This can get you started, let me know what you think!

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EventFit Rider Fitness Challenges

EventFit 30 day challenge

Not everyone has access to a gym, plus they can be intimidating when you first start out a fitness journey. This 30-day fitness challenge combines bodyweight resistance circuits with High Intensity Interval Training and you don’t need ANY equipment. This programme develops over four weeks and progresses towards the ‘EVENTFIT CIRCUIT’. These circuits are designed using a method called ‘aerobic interference’. What this means is that we use cardio exercise in between resistance exercises to ensure you master functional movement patterns when fatigued! What this means is that you will become stronger and have a better posture even when you are subjected to a high cardiovascular load – just like whilst you are riding! Its all very well working on your posture and strength, but can you still do it when fatigued? That is how this programme gets you fit to ride!! Learn more here.


The EventFit Core Challenge is due to be released in the spring of 2016! It was created by popular demand! In this challenge you will see both dynamic and isometric core exercises to strengthen and create midline stabilisation to enable you to have an independent seat, a strong trunk and make you a more effective rider. Like the 30-day challenge you don’t need any equipment to be a part of this programme and you will be able to follow full length workout videos such as ‘Plank Power’, ‘Killer Core’ amongst others! Keep an eye on this site for the release date!

EventFit Phase Programmes


eventfit phase programmes

These programmes will be released individually throughout 2016! Keep checking back to see when they are ready. This is like having a personal trainer programme you a plan without the cost involved in having someone programme specifically for you. The idea is that you complete all three phases in succession, Phase I, Phase II and finally Phase III. Each Phase will be a six week programme that will progress from the last after 18 weeks of solid training you will have an athletic base like never before! These programmes step up from the 30-Day challenge, not in terms of intensity per se but because they incorporate dumbells, barbells and cables and so access to a gym or home training basic kit is required. This is for you riders that want to start getting serious about your fit rider journey! Read more:


Bespoke Programming

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This is for riders that want to have a programme that is specifically tailored just for them, I will be your equestrian fitness coach and I will work with you in a 1:1 basis online. This is for riders who want to be in their best physical shape to be an effective rider, whether thats for leisure or for the serious competitive athlete!  The package will be flexible to suit each clients individual needs but essentially includes a pre and post programme consultation that includes fitness testing, goal setting and the programme design over a four week period. With this you will also have access to ask me questions over e mail or Skype as is required. You will have access to a video exercise library and will have personalised videos made just for you for each programme that you purchase. The idea with this programming option is that is can be designed based on the equipment you have access to, your time availability, the discipline and number of horses you ride and importantly your competitive season. Regardless of how many months you wish to have programmed, Jenni will start by looking at your whole year to ensure training is periodised to make you peak at the most crucial points in your equestrian calendar!

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