Be your own best friend

The blog this week is going to be a bit different. There is no scientific underpinning to support you to ride better! This one comes from the heart, I am literally sat here in my slouchies, 7:30am, the kids and the hubs are watching Toy Story and I have a cup of Lemon Water. Once I have written this to you all, I will make a coffee and read a book. Its Saturday and my first day ‘out of the weekday routine’.

So today my husband leaves for Dubai and then South Africa for two weeks. I used to dread it because I now live in Canada and I didn’t know too many people and spent many a time somewhat alone, trying to juggle two jobs (from home) a PhD and kids! This year I have my own business and the kids and thats it. Bliss! So although I am sad to see him go, I am pleased this year that I have removed negative external stimuli and instead can have fun with the kids and importantly the friendship groups I have created over the last year.

So why am I blabbering on? Well, I used to be so convinced I needed to GO all the time, with work, with exercise with nutrition! I guess the thing I want to reiterate to you is that this fitness stuff is part of your life, try not to get carried away with a ‘transformation’ and forget to live, love and importantly enjoy!

This week I had a friend visit and for two days I relaxed my eating and I didn’t go to the gym. You know I wont get that time back with that person, I may not see them for another year, and its important to know that as long as you are consistent for the majority of the time, a few days and even a few weeks here and there will not do major setbacks to your progress!

Its all about finding something that is sustainable. Routine is big for me, I thrive on it and its actually taken me three days to feel organised again, so upon reflection next time I have guests or a social situation that changes (for good reason) your daily life in some capacity I will ensure I do a few things:

  • lemon water – it just sets me up right, stops me eating too much early on from thirst and I find I drink more throughout the day if I do this.
  • Check diary: I didn’t check my diary each morning with my coffee and I felt really confused all week!
  • Ensure I am organised for the work week and pre schedule work where possible. I decided to take the two days away from my computer but I didn’t pre schedule any work which left me feeling a bit behind.

I guess what I am saying is, get to know yourself, reflect and sit back on situations take time with a coffee to ask yourself how your day went. Be a good friend to your self.

I have felt like such a better person by asking myself questions, writing in my journal (when I feel like it because often that annoys me!), asking myself what do I really enjoy doing? What makes me feel ‘warm’. Here are a few of my ‘currents’ I would love to know what yours are 🙂

  • Coffee (specifically first thing).
  • Library books
  • My son reading to me
  • Colouring or writing with the kids. This month we have books on Dubai and S.Africa so we can learn about where daddy is.
  • The ocean and the mountains behind in the view
  • Breakfast
  • Cooking with the music on
  • Dog walks
  • Meeting with friends and just grabbing a coffee
  • Writing letters to friends
  • Clients that feel proud of themselves
  • Collecting sweets, biscuits and nuts for Christmas
  • Facetime with family
  • PJ’s and big warm socks

So perhaps if you read this, take 5 this weekend to ask yourself what makes you feel warm inside and seek some of that for yourself 😀


Love, Jenni x


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