Top Home Workout Equipment For The Fit Rider

Some of my programmes such as the EventFit Phases I,II,III assume access to a gym or require some basic kit. The reason I programmed these to require the use of kit is because it is the best way to ensure an effective total body workout. In this blog I list my top choices for inexpensive home equipment to start your fit rider journey.

Resistance Bands

I love resistance bands they are so versatile and you can do an awful lot of exercises with them. I found this set that have a door attachment with a weight which you effectively put behind the door and shut it. This means you can adjust the height and you can do lots of exercise that require a stable fixed point and you can do exercises like banded rows, banded TYI’s, leg lateral raises, pallor presses, banded woodchops etc. I could go on!


Dumbell are great because they allow you to work each arm independently and do moves such as go overhead etc. Ideally buying a set is great because you can select different weights depending on the exercise and progression you are at within your training. Although they can be quite fiddly, adjustable dumbbells can be great so you don’t have to keep going to buy a heavier set!


Stops you slipping and keeps you comfortable when doing yoga exercises cool-downs and stretching.

Stability Ball

A stability ball is great, it can be used instead of a bench and can create an unstable surface to ramp up your training. You can also use these during core exercises and create that dynamic edge to exercise to enhance balance and neuromuscular control.

Foam Roller

A large amount of postural misalignments are as a result of the seated position a lot of humans spend their time in. Add that to a sport where you sit, and you are at greater risk of hip and shoulder elevation, rounded shoulders, and anterior tilted pelvis as a result of tight hip flexors, tight lower back, weak abdominals, tight chest, tight upper back, weak mid back and tight quadratus lumborum! In short we are stuffing up our connective tissues and making ourselves prone to injury. Foam rolling regularly if not daily can relieve tight muscles and is great because it is a form of self massage.

Lacrosse ball/massage ball 

Using a lacrosse ball or massage ball for self massage is a great way to release tight muscles and improve mobility to certain areas as a warm up or as a daily Rider MOT! Below is a video that shows you some great mobility exercises to try out.

In an ideal world you would also have access to a bench, an adjustable barbell, a pull up bar and also a suspension system. Although these pieces of equipment are not hugely expensive they come at more of an investment that the above listed kit.

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