Gym Trainer Vs. Online Personal Trainer?

So what is it that I am offering you here? Why should you hire me to to coach you rather than go to your local gym and seek a personal trainer?

There are pros and cons to both types of trainer and some clients will better suit one option over another. I decided to start EventFit because my husband got an international job in sport and I knew for at least the distant future we would be travelling with our family around the world. I had spent the last 10 years building up an established career as an equine lecturer specialising in rider fitness and conducting a PhD in the area. I didn’t want to ‘waste’ all that energy and lose a career. So I decided to start a business that I could take with me around the world and still make an impact on riders, which was my aim when I started all my research.

It is pot luck to find an in gym trainer that truly understands the physiological demands and the lifestyle requirements of an equestrian

These are some images from my final PhD study during data collection!

As an online trainer I feel I really get to know my clients via e communication, I might never meet you, and that might seem weird at first, but I pay careful attention to you, maybe more than I would if we were working face to face because all these little details I pick up on are essential to the success of this unique relationship.

So what do you get with me as an online trainer?

  • A consultation, where I learn about your wishes, goals, equestrian and gym experience and look at some fitness parameters and posture assessments.
  • A personalised welcome PDF pack. This outlines how the process works, some common terms and abbreviations, the goals of our training relationship etc.
  • Training programmes which clearly show how each exercise should be performed. I have my own video library but I also use an app called TRAINERIZE. Its free to my clients and allows you to log your workouts, look at video demos and direct message me.





  • We discuss your nutrition and decide on the best starting approach for you, whether thats making some good habits around food and nutrition to even the possibility of tracking macros. I also have a recipe guide to get you started on your journey.
  • Regular encouragement and motivation. I can track your progress on Trainerize and encourage you on. You can also text or whatsapp me and we can set up skype calls or video. Each clients need is different and we flex to suit you.
  • As well as the above I encourage a weekly full check in, so a bit like a paragraph of info from you about how training went, how the exercises felt, your weight if relevant etc.

Of course, I am biased! However I really enjoy impacting others lives and thats why I have a few tiers of programming to try and reach every rider that can suit all finances.

  • e books – A one of payment, minimal coaching but the structure to get you started.
  • Online membership – £5 monthly, a new programme each month to keep you motivated.
  • Group coaching – £30 monthly, train with some friends or other fit rider superstars doing one programme each month.
  • Online rider fitness coaching – £70 monthly or £180 for three months. A unique and bespoke programme with me to help assist you and motivate you to reach your goals!

I hope that there is something for you to help you on your fit rider journey and if you have any questions at all drop me a comment below or e mail me

Jenni x

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