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Equestribar: My verdict!

Equestrians typically plan, calculate and meticulously prepare food for their horses yet are notorious for consisting on a carb heavy, insulin spiking diet themselves. I always get asked, ‘what can I eat that is healthy on the go’, or ‘I don’t have time to prepare food on the go and there is nothing quick to grab in the shops’.




It’s a balance between excuses and reality for sure. Well, there may just be a new product on the market if this person sounds like you! Equestribar is the first health bar designed by equestrians, for equestrians.

I was lucky enough to sample Chocolate Fudge Sunflower, and these bars are no joke. My kids devoured them too, they are soft and have a fudge like consistency that tastes nutritious whilst getting that sweet flavour that we crave for when we are on the go.

I tried it cold which was like fudge and I also tried it after heating it in the microwave for 20s. It was so good and gave it a softer more dessert like feel 🙂




The Equestibar is a great meal replacement strategy for busy equestrians on the go and also during competition boasting 18g Protein (from grass fed whey), 26g carb and 18g fat per serving. The bars  also contains turmeric to promote joint function, mobility, and flexibility. In addition, you will also find that these bars are soy and nut free, are gluten and GMO and thus suit a wide variety of diets.


equestibar protein

So, why not check them out for yourself? They ship internationally and would be the perfect bar to stock up in your tack room or lorry. Be sure to let me know what you think if you do try them 🙂


Jenni x

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