Clare Heap Blog: January 2019


I’m not quite sure I’m buying into this new year new me… I do like starting a new year as it feels fresh but I just think I want to carry on with how everything was going last year.

We had a great zoom call with Jen as part of our package (custom programming) that reviewed last year. It was so nice to look back and pick out the achievements (and the negative points as well). We also set our intentions for the year which was really helpful and mine pretty much base around consistency and finding what actually makes me relax.

Programme wise the training is going well. We are looking at changing up tempo in movements which is super challenging, including some isometric holds and developing Dressage specific strength endurance. I’m starting to see the benefits to my riding and physique. It’s so nice to get back to eating healthy food again after Christmas, it’s so busy for us as we visit lots of family. January was the time to bring on the veg!! 

I thought January was going to be quite quiet for me…. How wrong I was!! I have got so many new clients coming to me for training which is great (come train with me at However I did pick up a few days of yard work to tie me over if January hadn’t been so good, it’s been a bit of a nightmare trying to fit everything in – there’s a learning point in there somewhere that I need to plan time for me and my horses as that is the reason I stopped my full time job. 

It’s so nice to have Ted back in full work after his Christmas break. Although he has been rather fresh and naughty. We are gearing up now for the regionals and I feel like this year is our time. He is feeling amazing so fingers crossed we get that elusive nationals spot. I have a few warm up comps before I go so I will be trying to perfect the PSG for summer qualifications and debuting my new advanced medium freestyle which is SO HARD!!! 

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can tame the beast before our first competition next weekend!!