034: Doing Hard Things

I decided to record this podcast after a full week off work. The last year (2020) with a global pandemic, homeschooling kids, working at a University and owning my own business hasn’t been easy and I haven’t stopped.

I feel like I had lost myself a bit… again.

So here I am leaning into the hard and….

Doing hard things…..

…. which is sometimes the easy thing…. I find taking it easy hard! I stopped, not from the gym or my training but working (so much at least!)

I slowed down. Cooked. Baked. Read. Did some reflection. Listened to podcasts. Went to the spa. Grew.

Doing hard things makes you grow. I can’t grow when I am working so hard that I don’t listen to myself.

So after listening to this podcast I urge you to do some inner work and lean into doing hard things.

I hope you get some valuable take aways from it and it helps you make a decision to lean into something hard this week, because you deserve to achieve and feel a sense of achievement 🙂

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