Welcome to your October Membership

Welcome to September in the Ride Strong Academy, welcome if you are new and welcome back if you have been here before!

Now, our programmes are starting to get more specific, you should have a good base of strength now and we are going to work on neuromuscular co-ordniation and landing mechanics.

To get the most out of this programme, complete at least 3 weight training sessions over the week.

October 2020 Training Programme

October 2020 Mindset Workbook

October 2020 Nutrition Recipes

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Programme Notes

Monthly Programming Overview: Welcome to your October 2020 programme!

This month we have 3 resistance sessions in a week and include your conditioning options. The mobility session this month is embedded within your warm up/pre-activation and focuses total body release


Weekly Ideal:


1. Workout 1 (Strength)

2. Workout 2 (Strength)

3.Workout 3 (Strength)


There is optional supplementary conditioning sessions should you wish to add that in also.


If you have any questions about this months training please head to the FAQ section on the start here page, tag me in the Facebook community group or e mail me on jenni@eventingfit.com.

Equipment requirement:

Ideally a band and dumbells or a Kettlebell but we can modify so please tag me on facebook and I will give you some advice 🙂