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Welcome to your training programme! This section will be updated each month.  Scroll down to your relevant workout video and you are good to go!

When you first start, choose the current training week, and work through from there as the programmes will adapt progressively. We intentionally do not archive previous months trainings so that you are current and present with your training and advice is applicable to everyone in the Ride Strong Academy.

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  • Monthly Programming Overview¬†

The programme this month will continue to introduce you to some progressive movement patterns that will increase your glute and hamstring strength which will take the pressure off of those hip flexors. The mobility session this month focusses on a hip mobility routine just like last month to increase your range and functionality in this area.

Warm up this month is the hip mobility routine so you should be doing it at least 3 x per week. I would like it to become a systematic process for you so eventually it can become a pre rider activator.

This month we will continue to complete 3 x weights (2 of those with a mini fitness blast to finish) and a mobility session.

This month if you want to increase fat burn and save time you could choose do to the workout in a circuit like fashion, so all exercises with no rest and then 1-2 mins rest at the end.

If you have any questions about this months training please head to the FAQ section on the start here page, tag me in the Facebook community group or e mail me on jenni@eventingfit.com.