Equestrian Sports Performance Webinars




Each month Dr Jenni Douglas will host a 30 minute webinar with 10 minutes of questions to you. For Ride Strong Academy members places are *FREE* for non members sign ups are £5 and will be held one evening in the first week of the month. They will be recorded and can be sent to you if you are unable to attend live.


Monthly Schedule:

January – Goat Setting Workshop

February – Why Strength Train

March- Nutrition Essentials

April – Nutrition Supplementation

May: Training Vs Exercise – what is the difference?

June: Hip Flexor Tightness

July: Shoulder Strength

August: Self Sabotage behaviours

September: MIndfullness for the busy equestrian

October: Posterior Chain importance for riders

November: Why train total body for equestrians?

December: 2021 in reflection