004 Setting Goals and Feeling Shame

Setting goals is something I believe in, and I believe that you are unlikely to see success without a goal.

I also believe that goals should be big, dreamy and scary. Most often, the chimp on our shoulder has a lot to say about these goals and cause us to feel discomfort and shame.

Many of us experience this shame when setting goals because we are trying to be more that we currently are, better than the now and that requires growth and change.

On this episode, I discuss goal discomfort, how it is often triggered, and how it affects your ability to grow.

Have a listen to find out the steps I have made to shed goal shame and how you can too!


Hey! Why not join me and goal set together? I would love the opportunity to personally coach you through goal setting, behavioural distortions and habits of the successful high performing equestrian.


  • What goal discomfort and shame is
  • How to tell if you have  experienced goal shame.
  • Why you don’t have to justify or explain your big goals to anyone
  • What you can do to manage yourself when you notice fear around your goals.
  • How you can prepare yourself for the time when you reach your big goals (which you will!)