Welcome to My New Website!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my new website! I am so excited to share this website with everyone. I have been working full time as a researcher and academic for a long time and I am now excited to be bringing an online platform to help as many riders in their fit rider journey as I can.

There are not a lot pf people that have conducted a large amount of research focussing on rider fitness and physiology of riding and as such I get lots of requests on e mail about the best exercises for riders, whether I can write a programme or what riders should be doing to enhance their performance. I try to address as many of these as I can personally but as a response I decided to start up this site so that I can help many more people of their fit rider journey!

I have designed a number of online programmes such as the 30-Day Challenge and the EventFit Phases to support you through a progressive, sports specific exercise programme. If you want to learn more head to the Programme Page. I also offer bespoke 1:1 programming for a few clients each month and if this is something you are interested in it is best to contact me personally via e mail on info@eventingfit.com.

I do realise though that buying an online training programme or bespoke programme can be expensive and that’s because a huge amount of work and time goes into designing them and supporting the client. So I have decided to launch a members only section that will be updated weekly with new information as a response to what the EventFit members want and need.

As an EventFit member you can expect to see:

Real-Time Full Length Workout Videos

Resistance band workout

Instructional ‘How To’ Videos


Mini Lectures

mini lectures

questions and answer videos

Q and A




All for only £5 per month! So thanks for taking the time to read this post and check out my site. If there is any content you would like to see on the members section then please e mail me on info@eventingfit.com and I will do my best to make it happen!

Want to become an EventFit Member? Come and join us here!

Jenni x

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