Protein for Breakfast?

Typically once you start to work with me I will ask you to up the protein intake, and breakfast is the place where most find it hard to fit in. At first I am not worried about the amount, just that there is a protein source within and so that makes options at the start of your nutritional journey more flexible!

Why then? Protein helps with satiety, it can take a while to develop a habit of eating protein in the morning but once you do it you will feel fuller for longer and really notice the days where you don’t have it. You have just fasted all night and so its a great time to fuel your body for the energy it requires over the day ahead!

  1. Overnight Proats.  You can add protein powder, mix up the flavours (e.g. choc) add hemp seeds, chia seed, flax and add nut butters and yummy fruit toppings etc etc Here is an example recipe at blissful balance. Doesn’t have to be overnight, oats with protein powder are equally yum too, just wait till porridge cools before you put the powder in (it goes clumpy if too hot!).

Simple Vanilla Protein Overnight Oats

2. Protein Pancakes: Getting protein pancake recipes online is no difficult task. You can make them with 1 banana and 2 eggs, protein powder and one egg. You can mix in cottage cheese, top with greek yoghurt. Keep it simple or go fancy, and everyone loves a good pancake. Don’t tell me time is an issue, make them before and store in the fridge/freezer 😛 Here is a recipe idea from sweet pea chef!

Lemon Blueberry High Protein Pancakes

3. Bowl of cereal with protein milk. Yes add some protein powder to some nut milk, and pour over cereal. Bam! You just jazzed up your normal breakfast and will skip the mid morning muffin 😀

4. Eggs. Egg veggie scramble, boiled eggs, egg whites, eggs on toast, eggs on a breakfast salad. Eggs.

5. Quinoa Porridge: Because quinoa is high in protein it is great for that morning hit and is great if you love porridge. Here s a recipe  example by the healthy chef!

6. Greek Yogurt and Fruit: Greek yoghurt is naturally high in protein and you can also get lower fat varieties. Here are some breakfast ideas from modern honey that will leave you going to bed ready for breakfast!

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls with Toppings

7. Protein Packed Oatmeal Cups: There are so many great options to make a variety of ‘breakfast muffins’ the healthy maven has some good ideas you can see here. Great with coffee and a dollop of greek yoghurt, yum! Best thing is these are grab and go and would make a great breakfast on the run to the yard or as a snack.

Customizable Protein-Packed Oatmeal Cups

8. Egg Muffins: A savoury version of the above, these are great, you can customise to your preference and make ahead, you could even grab a savoury and a sweet if you can’t decide!

Healthy Egg Muffin Cups

9. Breakfast Protein Smoothies: So easy, make ahead and customise to your favourite! Here are 10 ideas to get you thinking!

10. Smoothie bowls: Smoothie bowls are equally amazing and you can get create with the toppings. here is a recipe to get your ideas flowing.

So there you have it, 10 ideas for getting the protein in at breakfast time! Let me know if you try any and what your favourite is.

Jenni x