Welcome to The Ride Strong Academy 

This is an online community for horse riders who want access to a training programme that they can do from home or the gym and to be part of a group of like minded riders. We use progression and systematically designed training plans to support enhanced athletic ability. You will be provided with structure, support and accountability via the EventFit app to help you progress. Each month the programme changes to focus on what is important.


How it Works

The Ride Strong Academy is delivered through my Training App, through this entire programme you will get regular programming designed specifically to improve your equestrian performance.


This means accessible and impactful training can be delivered anytime, anywhere, at home, at the yard or at the gym! Here is how it works!

  • In app programmes delivered to you

  • 3 x strength sessions per week

  • Exercise Demos

  • Direct messaging to Jenni

  • Weekly check in options

Who is it for?


This academy is for aspiring riders, who want access to structured training and guidance specific to the equestrian sports, but who also want to be in control of their membership, come and go as you need with the Ride Strong Academy. You will be someone who wants the very best for their horse – this is for someone who doesn’t want or need personalised support but does want some structure and accountability. My field of expertise lies in equestrian so if you are looking for an extra edge then consider joining us today.


Join the RSA on a commitment free pay as you go basis for £24.99 monthly.


Sign up annually and save £100 and get equestrian specific training plans monthly for only £16.60 monthly (£200 annual sign up).