If Bridget Jones Did Dressage…

Gemma Dainty is back with another refreshing and hilarious real life ‘if Bridget Jones did Dressage’ diary entries.

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Friday 20th July
Summary of the week so far:
Jobs finished 1, jobs started 1. BD training rep appointment 1 Alcohol free days 2. Hungover days 2. Workouts 1, planned workouts 2. Oops! Runs 3, planned runs, 3! Yay!

Sunday 22nd July
Weekend Summary:
Dressage tests 2. Red ribbons 2. It doesn’t matter that I was the only person in one right?! 🤪 pilot navigation errors in tests 1, despite having a caller 🤪
Hungover days 1 MASSIVE ONE 🙈

Over the moon to get 2 really good scores at Windmill Farm yesterday in the mediums, especially in the M76, wowsers that’s a hard test 😳Also very happy to get another 7.5 for my centre line, we’ve been losing a lot of marks for those as I haven’t been able to stop his quarters drifting left 🤷‍♀️