Dainty’s Dressage Exploits : Take 1

Following my sponsorship from Eventfit I thought it might be fun to track my attempts to behave like an “athlete” when all I really want to do is eat pasta and drink gin, or bubbles, or wine, I’m not fussy. So given that my page is captioned “If Bridget Jones did dressage” here’s my first diary entry.

Saturday 14th July. Weight XX.X…hmmm, that’s gone the wrong way…it’s supposed to go down – how did that happen? I’ve been so good…maybe it was the gin…or the wine…or the pizza? Maybe I haven’t been that not good, hmmm… Oh well off to Bury Farm 2 day show for some dressage, in amongst the prosecco swigging.

Day 1. Tests 2. Ribbons 1. Not my ideal ratio. Swear words 7. Shit I’ve forgotten the test moments 1! (Better make that 8 swear words). Bottles of prosecco 2. Cheesy chips 0.

Saturday 15th July. Tests 2. Ribbons 2. That’s a better ratio. Ooh I packed a nice healthy breakfast of yoghurt and strawberries…I think I’ll have a bacon sandwich instead, bacon sandwiches 2. Bottles of prosecco 1…or was it 2?

Overall delighted with the Blue Legend who bagged 4 very respectable scores in a ridiculously high standard of show that felt like a pre Regionals Regionals! Even more delighted with a win in the medium bronze on Sunday with 65.4% and 4% ahead of 2nd place bronze. We are also 4th overall out of 9 so holding our own against silver horse and rider combinations. Just a few months ago I said I’d never be able to do that test, I take it back! Definitely finding sitting trot after a few weeks of consistent gym training.

This first diary entry shows exactly why I need Eventfit in my life, here’s to focusing on a week of healthy eating and no (or maybe limited booze)! Watch this space 😆 #eventfit #riderstrong