Clare Heap : Reviewing my Competition Schedule

Another four weeks have passed. I have spent one of them on holiday which was great to refresh and come back home revitalised, ready for the rest of the competition session.

I sat down before I left to re write my competition schedule as I felt like I had unfinished business after the regional championships. I am going to back and correct my (horrendous!) mistakes from the summers and do the same level at the winter championships. I know I must correct this to be in a better head space moving forward.

Clare and Teddy

I have been beasting the gym in the last month. I signed up to go back to the gym again as I needed to lift some heavier weights which I just can’t do at home. I AM LOVING IT! Its great to be able to push myself and get back into the swing of things. It has honestly helped my riding immensely and I feel stable, secure and strong in my position which has enabled Teds to get a better balance.

We have been aiming for the Bury Farm High Profile show for about 2 months and I have been really looking forward to it. Teds has been feeling amazing but disaster struck a week before we were meant to leave for the show. The brakes on my lorry failed going down a hill, slightly scary! Luckily no horses were on board at the time as I think it would have been a lot worse. It has been recovered to the garage and is still undergoing work, so no show. So disappointing but as we say, this isn’t the end goal and I need to keep looking forwards.

Today I had a fab lesson with my trainer and started working towards the Inter 2 stuff. Its hard!!! He has the two tempi changes, but the balance could be better. But my god, the half pass zig zag is tricky!!! Especially in a 20×40. Trying to get in two changes of direction is near on impossible but I will keep trying. The piaffe is looking great, although he is so talented in it that he sits to much and makes it hard to come out of it. I have been tasked of watching more videos of Charlotte Dujardin to try and figure out how she gets in and out of the piaffe on a horse that sits to much. I suppose it is a good problem to have but does make it tricky when we are learning.

This month Jen has created a huge abs and core session for me. It’s something I am looking forward to, but I know its going to hurt like hell to begin with. Wish me luck guys!!!


Clare xx