You’ve Got to Be Worth It!

And you are!

When a client chooses to sign up with me, I send them a consultation form, to try through the powers of the internet, get to know them better.

I ask for before and after photos, they are so helpful when you run an online programme, 75kg can look completely different on one person to another. You will vary in heigh, weight muscle mass etc and often clients send me their ‘before’ and to be honest usually accompanied with ‘oh sorry about this photo’ or ‘yuck’ ‘I look fat’ or another self degrading comment. It makes me so sad to hear this and I too do it to myself and we must together stop it! Would you say it to a friend, family member, heck even a stranger?

You have to be worth it. You are worth it! Usually when someone signs up with me its because something has to change for that person, they may not know what it is, but together we work it out over time. I take that trust and responsibility seriously.

You are about to start something that is going to take you out of your comfort zone and make it a lifestyle. I am not interested in putting you on a punishing training programme or a silly diet to get quick results so I can post your photos over Instagram.


You’re going to try and rid yourself of bad habits and you’re going to try to build new ones, these will fundamentally be different for everyone. You’re going to find yourself feeling moments of hunger and you’re going to push yourself to exercise when you don’t really feel like it. But not for always, my end goal is to get you to a place of equilibrium so that you wont need me anymore necessarily, where you can do it on your own.

So tell me, if you don’t like yourself, how long are you going to stick with this? Are you going to prfioritize yourself and make yourself worth it?

Your body is amazing and the way it looks is only a small factor in how we should feel. If you know me well and have followed me for some time, recently I decided to train for a physique competition. I thought I wanted that shredded look, I thought if I looked totally ripped more people would want to train with me…. I worked really hard, I was training 2 x per day 6 days a week and eating 6 meals a day, mostly fish and lettuce. I got abs, I was looking shreddier, people would compliment me and I got off on that, for a while, who wouldn’t?

Was it worth it…. NO! I decided to step back from the show. I am not shy of hard work! I am however ethically against living a lifestyle where I am ‘never good enough’, so hungry that I no longer recognise if I am hungry, a mean person. So tired I need to nap every afternoon and don’t want to play with my kids. I wouldn’t have known how I would feel if I hadn’t done it, so I don’t regret the journey. My coach did warn me it would be hard (!), but it was more of a mental battle than a physical one.

From my personal perspective, I can tell you. Yes, having abs is fun, and short term great for the ego. But for a lot of us, it’s more than hard work, it’s a full time job. For me, it wasn’t worth it. So from that experience let me tell you

Your fitness goal will be satisfying if its something you can maintain for a long time.


We need to give ourselves more credit. I often wonder how I got myself into a position I would not recommend for any of my clients!  My goal was to get more clients, which seems even more absurd when I read it back now. I truly believe now however, that journey, for me, allows me to be a better coach for my clients, because I know how it feels to drive for something and ultimately realise it wasn’t worth it.

I am worth more than that!

It is SO important to acknowledge the vessel: our body. Without wanting to sound bat crazy, our bodies are truly phenomenal! Your body has carried you everywhere you’ve needed to be, physically and mentally. Your body may have carried a tiny human (mine are amazing kids with lots of summer holiday chat back at the moment); it may have taken you to and from work each day. Climbed mountains, swum in streams, jumped from airplanes, and importantly allowed you to feel the freedom that comes with riding a horse. Not everyone can do that. It’s amazing to be a person with a fully functioning body and we owe it to ourselves to make it the healthiest vessel that we can!

Recognise that your body deserves nourishment with nutrient dense food. Occasionally you deserve an indulgence that wont help you meet your fitness goals necessarily but will give you BALANCE! Your body deserves to be moved in a way that improves health and longevity. Your body deserves to be rested appropriately (I need to learn this too!).

Don’t exercise to punish your body for carrying a few extra kilos. Reward it with moving in a way it was truly designed for.Try not to diet as a form of punishment. Reward it with wholesome quality fuel.

What you do to make changes may well be the same as those if you didn’t like yourself, but the reasons as to why you take them will be longer lasting, more fulfilling, if you do them for all the right reasons.

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