Too Busy To Work Out?

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OK, you had good intentions, and you were going to work out yesterday and then today, but hang on tomorrow is now really busy….then the workout guilt hits you, bam! Well, welcome, to real-life!!

It happens, sometimes you feel like wonder woman and hit all your workouts and other weeks you don’t train at all, and inevitably your food quality parallels the quality of your workouts.

Don’t panic, life happens!

Your fitness journey shouldn’t end, it should evolve and adapt and be your lifestyle and yes you can commit to challenges along the way but few of us have a permanent routine and it’s way to stressful to assume we will always be able to stick to the same ways day in day out.

Lately my fitness goals have changed, due to work and moving and summer holiday commitments and I am struggling to get all my workouts in! I get frustrated and my food gets out of whack, not awful but not great – sound similar? So what should you do?


When everything is disjointed it is probably for good reason, listen to your body because it is trying to tell you something. Right now, for me, it is the summer holidays, I am moving house and I am no longer entered into a bodybuilding competition. I am also trying to complete PhD revisions and get this EventFit business going more. So my own goals and work-life balance are taking a back seat somewhat.

Grab a diary or some paper and get planning!

This week might be a write off but we can plan ahead for next week. it might be time to co-ordinate with your other half or family members to help you out. For example, this weekend I went to Starbucks at 5am to get some PhD done, that might sound mad but I am always up naturally at that time. Yet if i stay home I start cleaning, making breakfast and tending to the kids and dog. if I go out I get 3 hours of peace, a hot coffee and I am back home by 8 am perfect. Then Sunday my husband wanted to cycle and I wanted to lift – we also wanted to spend the day together…. mmmm. So I woke the hubs up at 7am and he got his cycle done and then at 7.30pm when the kids went to bed, he did some work and I went to the gym. I knew i was going to I didn’t spend the day fretting over it. Make sure you are doing things that please you and not only others, prioritise yourself. If you wont hit the gym alone in the evening because motivation fades then look up a class timetable and do that instead.

If you are like me and NEED to move every day, but you do not have the time to run, or go to the gym there is always something that you can do. Try and walk as much as possible, no lifts, only stairs. If you simply cannot exercise then watch your food and make sure its as nutritious and on point as possible.

Try something new if its motivation and not time thats stopping you, try something new. I have done a lot of cardio on the bike and a lot of weight lifting recently and I am a bit over it! Tonight I have decided to go swimming 🙂 and I actually cannot wait!

If you are injured, I empathise its so annoying seeing hard work dissipate away. Usually you can work round an injury and I would love to help you where I can. When i broke my hand I was getting odd looks in my full cast to elbow in the gym lifting weights and running about!

Life will always throw you a curveball, but this is your life, your horse may well need a bit more training than you at certain points and thats totally ok! Fitness is a journey and it will change and we need to adapt to it. Don’t be so hard on yourself – but also if you want it lets get planning to fit some fitness in. Its ok to change up your approach, there are multiple routes to your destination 🙂

I would love to hear about your strategies when your workouts have taken a back seat 🙂

Jenni xx

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