My Physical Transformation

Hi all,

I ummed and ahhed about writing this post and to include with it my physical transformation photos, but my sister assured me it would prove motivating! I am pretty embarrased about the before shots but oh well.

I have always been relatively fit. Prior to my move to Canada I was riding regularly, I have competed in CrossFit, and completed Triathlons, four half marathons, 5 and 10ks, multiple mudrunners and am an avid gym goer. I never really had the physique that I wanted though, frustratingly, but it didn’t bother me because my physical performance always confirmed that I was pretty fit. I actually have just done a Q and A video about whether you can be fit but not look fit! Yes, I believe so absolutely!

Once we moved to Canada I made a vow to get in a great physical shape for a number of reasons. 1. Vanity! I personally like a more muscular look (some don’t thats fine!!) and I want to achieve it. 2. My business, it doesn’t matter what people say in the fitness industry you are judged on your physical appearance and to improve my business I want to have some professional photo shoots, with and without riders to publicise my services, and I want to look good, great in-fact. I may compete in a figure (bodybuilding) competition but as of yet I am undecided!

So, I have invested in a coach (yes I am a coach but we all need someone to be there to guide and support us meet our goals). My training varies, it was 5 x weights and 6 x cardio but I am currently on 3-4 cardio of around 30mins and 5-6 weights sessions a week. I eat a rigorous and pretty strict diet, I measure my food, and my macronutrients and I supplement my diet. I also drink 4-5l fluid daily. It’s quite hard work, and mentally takes quite some determination, and I do falter sometimes, too much peanut butter, handfuls of cereal. Everything comes with practise including healthy habits. This training regime would not be something I would set for a rider, only someone who essentially wanted to sculpt their body to achieve a particular physique.

So I include some photos! I lost 14lbs before the photo on the left since the move to Canada. Since the photo on the left to the right I have only lost 4-5lbs! However I have dropped around ~5% bodyfat too. So the lack of weight loss is as a result of muscle gain, which you can see in the photos! There is about 14 weeks between the two photos. If you are curious I am 5’4” and on the left around 149lbs and right 144lbs. Weight is so different for individual people though.

Why am I posting this? I want you to know that the person supporting you, writing these articles and making these videos is a work in progress too! There are always new goals, targets and fitness accomplishments to make and we are stronger together, as a community of like minded people who are here to support each other regardless of our goals, and I hope that i can be the person to get you there!


When I see these photos I know this is not where I want to be. My legs have responded well, but I want to lean out my back and arms and build my latts and shoulders more considerably. I also want to drop another 5-8% bodyfat. I am at the stage now where consistency is essential, practising good habits every day and having a good cheat 1 x per week. I must push through plateaus and not get frustrated when i do not see results as quickly as I want them.

Know that as your coach, I have been through the highs and lows that come with training, I know what it feels like and I can and will help you on your own journey, wether that be to get fitter to rider better for your horse, to rehabilitate old injuries, or like me, to transform your physique. Us EventFitters are stronger together.

I hope this blog motivates you and gets you thinking about your own goals. I would love to hear what they are! Please comment below! I will keep you posted with my own fitness goals and physique updates!

Jenni x

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