Introducing CLHEquestrian : EventFit Sponsored Athlete

Welcome to EventFit, Clare!

My first blog for Event Fit. Some of you know me as the face behind CLH Equestrian but those who don’t I’m Clare. I am normal working women, with a huge passion for dressage. During the day I am a primary school teacher but after work I run my social media platforms and ride under the flag of CLH Equestrian.

I started my fitness journey when I realised I needed to up my game for my horse as he was becoming more advanced. My position wasn’t strong enough to support his development, so it was time for a change.  I have now been working with Jen for nearly a year and I have seen a transformation beyond my wildest dreams.

It hasn’t been easy, and I won’t lie that sometimes I have really struggled with motivation and keeping consistent each week, but it has been a amazing journey.

I think a lot of people will look at me and say, “how do you fit it all it!?!” but I find time somewhere in my day. Planning has now become my best friend and every Sunday I plan what to do each week with fitness and Teddy. I get up early 5am most days to fit a workout in, as I know I am a morning person instead of a night owl, which some people think is crazy, but it works for me. Teddy is worked in the evening and then I come home and do business bits and pieces and “life admin” in the evening.

Through my Blogs on here I hope you find the answer to some of your fitness questions (I am no expert! But I may have some ideas on how to fit things in!). At the end of the day I am a normal person just trying to make my fitness benefit my horse.

February has been a crazy month for me…. Birthday, anniversary, valentine’s days, half term, potential house move and Teddy’s first PSG. I have been managing to get in either 3 or 4 workouts a week alternating between weights sessions, which I do in my lounge (not sure the people who live under us appreciate it at 5am!!) and running which, I have to say I am really getting into. I have achieved my goal of running to the yard which I am now trying to do once a week, mainly a Sunday when Teddy has a day off. I have also started doing a long walk at the weekends to keep my weekends more open and less jam packed.

Teddy’s first PSG was on the 24th February and it was such an amazing day. Teddy is only 9 and he broke his leg when he was 5 so it has been a long journey to get to this point. We managed to score a respectable 64.2%, which considering we had 3 big mistakes in double marked movements. Fills me with confidence. He can get 70% which is very EXCITING!

I have overhauled my nutrition this month as well as I have got a little sloppy which was affecting my progress. So, I have given up chocolate (my main indulgence!), sweets and desserts for Lent as well as reducing my portion sizes. Watch this space…. I’ll let you know the outcome in the next blog.

For now, I will love you and leave you, but if anyone wants to hear anything about my fitness journey in the next blog just shout! I am not afraid to share the highs and lows (because it is a roller coaster after all!) so LET’S DO THIS EVENT FITTERS!


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Clare will be bringing you a unique blog each month here on the site so be sure to leave her any comments that you like and we will do our best to address them 😀