Have you gone back?

OK so we are a week past blue Monday and it got me thinking.

How are you doing? Because even clients that have worked with me for months and months are having moments of self doubt, wondering if they should change what they are doing or if it’s not working. I am not worried for them, they have me to ride the consistency train (woo woo) with them.

However, this is the time when everyone who has set fitness based intentions at the beginning of the year, starts to, well, crumble!

You see, you start something, because you want to change, but imagine this.

Imagine learning how to be content, whilst you change. Yup, I just dropped that on you and Holy Cow there s revelation ahead but it is totally possible.

To want more, to be more, but to know that what you have and what you are is pretty amazing, deep stuff.

To change things slowly so that your life, your food choices, your exercise, your riding. It just happens, a flexible nutrition approach, a flexible exercise approach (that doesn’t mean no programme btw) that adjusts to and with your life…that changes but never 360’s on you.

My goal for all of you is to find that place. It takes time, it takes self love and mindfullness through times of frustration.

Because fat loss is not linear, performance (for you and your horse) is not liner, happiness is not linear! Nothing ever stays still. Our balance and what we need to achieve said balance changes ALL the time!!!

Now, your busy with your children, horse, career, families etc etc you do not have time to sit there for hours wondering why your out of balance and how to get it back.

Enter, moi!

So I started this online coaching where the programme itself was the centre of everything, the client support was not as good and I got frustrated if clients didn’t do the workouts or follow the nutrition. I mean why not do it?

Because, take the humanity out of it, it IS that simple. Do what I say and you will succeed. Truth!

But you are not a robot, you are a person, with feelings, and priorities and emotions and well, blockages, some physical, some psychological and mostly habitual.

I can and will help you, it might take a month, it might take 12 months but I can help you!

So what changed? I still write great programmes. The longer someone works with me the better they become because I get to know the human side of people and not just the ‘science’ of training adaptations.

But mostly, it’s the focus on the person, developing trust, friendship, giving you a space where it is safe, safe to say ‘what do I do I just ate 3 bags of tortilla crisps’ to say I didn’t have time or that I just didn’t feel it. I focus on these ‘blocks’ and solve them, after all if your not doing the programme, there’s little point spending all the time on it. So now, I spend most my time on the person, mostly listening and well, just being there.

And I love hearing about horses 😀 so there a bonus.

So, if you get this far! I would love to chat with you for 10 mins, fill in the below and I will get back to you asap to learn how I can help you.


Have a great day 😀

Jen x