Get your S*** Together!

We all lose out s***! Sometimes it takes us ages to even realise it, and once we do its time for some reflection to get it together again!

I find it impossible to take rest, I am always cleaning, cooking, tidying, working, writing or busying away at something… sound familiar? There becomes a tipping point where the body tells you its had enough and recently, I reached that point!

I talk about balance with my clients ALL the time, I can show others how to find it, and often forget to actually achieve balance for myself. Finding balance is individualised, its letting go of things that no longer serve us, what was balance three years ago, may well not be balance now. It is important to recognise what makes you feel good NOW and not what did in the past! Yes, I am talking to you and myself here because I am in a completely different place in my career and my life as a mother in a different country!

Allowing yourself to reflect on what is making you out of balance can be a long process. For me I notice that I am not as motivated to cook, my home organisational skills drop and I feel lethargic. I know that I seek pleasure in the quiet coffee moments I can grab before the kids wake up, lunches with friends so I can just be ‘me’ without any additional tags. Recently (for the last 1.5 years) I have been doing all my work in the evening so I can Mom during the day and it was all getting too much. So my husband and I decided to get some childcare and now that I am no longer nocturnal I feel worlds better and I feel more engaged with my children instead of trying to read e mails, or check my phone for client progress updates etc. Balance. Yes I had to spend more money to achieve it but it was right for us right now. I am also letting some work go… and I worry like everyone else about money but its just not for me right now, its a bit sad but it also feels exciting, to have one less strand to worry about.

I am still trying to find something for ‘me’, something that isn’t exercise related to bring me a sense of ‘me’ and a sense of calm, I haven’t found it yet, but I am looking for the right thing, maybe reading, maybe crafting but I am searching for something that will give me that quality me time, that is not work and not fitness but that brings me pleasure.

What hobbies or activities do you engage with that bring you calm and balance?


Jenni x


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