Clare Heap : Is all or nothing going to lead you to success?

Hi EventFitters!

The end of April and the beginning of May have gone by in a blur of hecticness (if that is even a word!). However this has led to some very exciting changes!

The first all stemmed from a conversation with Jen after I was feeling totally overwhelmed with everything that was going on. It made me think that I actually needed some me time so I have decided rather than cramming my day, if it’s not done after 9pm then it doesn’t need to be done. I needed some me time to chill out, with a book or watching my favourite series Gossip Girl (yes I am behind the times I know!) It’s amazing what talking can do and that is why I love having Jen on the end of the phone!

The second major thing I have learnt is that I am an all or nothing sort of person. I’m not sure what this says about my personality but I suppose recognising this is the first sign to trying to control it. I think this personality trait takes over my life sometimes so managing the lull and controlling the crazy ups is my next step forward.

** Congrats Clare who is now a trucker official!


Now onto fitness. It has been going really well this month, my running PB is improving and my physique is ever changing. I am starting to feel back to where I was riding wise before Teddy had a break which is really positive. I have a new mantra to get me motivated for my fitness routines as well –

“you will not be fit enough to ride Grand Prix if you are sat on the sofa”.

I think this motivation came from a video of Catherine Dufor saying that she wouldn’t be getting closer to her rivals if she was sitting on her bum!!!

Teddy is back in the full swing of things now and is feeling amazing! He had his first qualifying show for the summer regionals and he was HOT TO TROT whilst I was melting in the 30 degree heatwave. He thought being at a party was extremely exciting so wanted to show off his party trick of piaffe at all times! This lead to tension and a lower score than I hoped for but his overall way of going is SO much improved that it is only time before he starts hitting the big marks. It was lovely that everyone was commenting on how well he looked and how he had matured.

Looking forward I have lots more shows planned so it will be interesting to see if we can recreate the feeling we have at home. I am also on a push to build my new business which I will be doing full time as of July (scary!). I’m hoping I can find the right balance this month between me and hecticness but again this is all such a big learning curve so I’m sure there will be some bumps along the way!

See you next month!

Clare xx


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