Clare Heap Blog: New Horses :D

This month has flown by again! How are we nearly in July?

May/June has been all about balance with regards to fitness and nutrition. It is that elusive word that always seems to be a niggling point with me. BUT. I think I have cracked it.

I have been spending more me time recently and taking time to think about what my body needs. Instead of a full blown workout sometimes I just need to do so yoga or go for a walk. Just a little bit of something each day has been high on my to do list this month. I’m not saying I have cracked this 100% or the time but I am for sure on the right track.

It’s been an exciting month for me with clients of my own starting to flow in. After setting up CLH Equestrian in February I was keen to let the business grow organically until I finish my current job at the end of July. It’s exciting that I have already reached my target that I wanted to achieve in September so it’s now all about pushing on for the next one. It has however left me very tired as I am effectively working two jobs so again the “balance” word has to come into play.

I have started a food diary to pinpoint the areas of the day when I am getting very tired so I will update you on the results of that once I have sent it over to Jen. I’m hoping those areas of tiredness can be reduced with tweaking nutrition at another part of the day but we shall wait and see….it might just be that I’m being a lazy so and so!!!

Overall though I have been mindful of what I have been eating, yes I will have the odd treat now and then but I am not going overboard and sticking to good whole produce main meals. Hopefully this is something I can sustain.

Now onto the best part… the horses!!!!

My youngster arrived at the yard almost three weeks ago now. I have owned him in conjunction with Louise Hunter since he was two weeks old. He is an absolutely stunning looking beast with Grand Prix dressage horses littered through each side of his breeding, I have high hopes for him!!! Hopefully we will break him at the end of the year but at the moment he is looking very gangly and scrawny. So we may give him another winter out in the field to develop. I am really keen to take him out to the 4 year old classes next year but it is just a waiting game at the moment.

Teds is just amazing! We have now qualified for the regionals at advanced medium which will be the middle of July. I have mixed up his training regime as we seemed to be stuck in the 65% club at he last few shows. Lack of engagement has been a consistent comment from the judges so we have looked at developing that. We now do raised pole work once a week, hacking with weighted boots, horse yoga after every ride and have started taking him to the gallops to freshen him up. Fingers crossed this leads to some decent increases in scores!


Looking forward I am excited to get back out at PSG level in a couple of weeks time and start to really focus of regionals prep. I will let you know how it all goes in the next blog….have an amazing month EventFit Crew!!!


Clare xx