Clare Heap Blog 2: Am I a runner?


I cannot believe that March is already done! Easter has been and gone in a throw of chocolate and meals out which has been a bit of a blow out on my diet. I am pleased to say that I managed to give up chocolate, sweets and desserts for the entirety of lent and managed to lose 4.5kg!!! The challenge now is to keep this weight coming off, so I can achieve my goal before I go away on holiday. I think this is going to mean I must give up the chocolate again as it’s so blooming addictive!

Does anyone else have this problem? I can’t help but shove ten tonnes of it in my mouth in one go!

Fitness wise I seem to have got my mojo back which is great. I was struggling during the back end of Feb and the beginning of March. I think this is partly due to some new exercise routines Jen has put together for me and the lighter evening giving me more motivation to get up off the sofa.

My biggest achievement this month has been that I ran my first parkrun with a group of friends. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the sense of competition (not that I am a competition runner, far from that!) so I think I am going to try and do it every week. It was the furthest I think I have ever run so to get a time of 33 minutes I was thrilled. Hopefully I will be able to improve on that as it was a very hilly venue and I think flat running is more of my thing! On top of this I seem to be getting some great PB’s in my weights sessions as well so the programmes that Jen is putting together for me are progressing my fitness levels and ability.

March, on the whole, has been a pretty rubbish month horse wise. From the last blog you will have read that Teds was on flying form and a PSG season was well within our grasp. This goal quite literally came down to earth with a bump when he decked me and gave me whiplash. This is so out of character for him, so I went back to the drawing board and had a think. It seems to be something relating to his teeth or hocks, so we are hoping to get that sorted in the next few days and then we will be off again. FINGERS CROSSED.


It also has meant a slight detour in the competitions I am planning. Teddy is still only 9 and has had a year and a half off through injury. This means his body is something more like a 7-year-old. Looking at it a year at Premier League Small Tour might be a push for him so I have decided to drop back down to advanced medium, concentrate on the Regionals and have a bash at the Petplan PSG. I was very disappointed to make this decision as I would have loved to go to all the big shows, but I must think of the long game which is hopefully Grand Prix.

So, April is looking like a relatively quiet month…. at the moment. I have started teaching again so I am hoping to get lots of clients on board, work is busy and hopefully we will finally move to a new house…. Not so quiet now I write it down!

Also, to all the EventFit online crew the support that you have given me this month has been great and has really kept me going! We are growing as a team all the time and I LOVE IT!!!

Lots of love to you all and enjoy the sun (when it finally decides to come out!!)

Clare x