Can I help you?

I sent an e mail to riders that have completed my Online Rider Fitness Client Availability form this morning. However, I feel this applied to all my ‘followers’ and so I thought I would blog about it.

So, to you! Yes you reading this, thank you. Honestly, for following me, for helping me become a revolution in rider fitness and general well being and self care for riders. I appreciate that more than you know.

You see, rider fitness, It’s not just about core engagement, its not just about being fit to complete the XC. Looking after an animal (or multiple) makes us selfless people in general. We tend to leave ourselves to last.

Then we put on weight or eat crap on the way to the yard and manically embark on some fitness plan that sees us 3 weeks deep and unable to continue the pace.

Fitness and health is SO much more!

When I first started online coaching the programme was the emphasis (I know I write good programmes) but everything went into that. It wasn’t long before, although that’s what people come to me for, that doesn’t mean that is what they need.

I mean, we reach out to someone because we hope they can help us with something, often you may not know what that is. If it was just a programme I would sell only e-books or group training programmes. Which I also do but the primary focus and philosophy in my business is the 1:1 coaching and the development of that relationship.

A client may contact me as they want to lose 10lbs but really it might be that your nervous of jumping your horse and ‘hope’ this will help, it might be that your lonely and need company, it might be that you have tried every diet and workout so far and not stuck to it. So so many reasons.

That is my job.

To see a ‘problem’ and find a solution using health fitness and wellness coaching to support you holistically to meet your goals.

Some clients may not realise I have even done anything, they just start talking in their monthly catch ups, and with time they adhere to their exercises and nutrition, and with patience and support the results come.

Support and friendship. someone that has your back, a community. That’s what makes the difference.

I genuinely care about each person I work with and I love to see them succeed. Strangely, my goal is to get each client to feel confident about not needing me to coach them anymore, financially and from a business perspective that doesn’t make much sense. I know.

But it brings me joy to know someone feels self confident that they trust themselves with their fitness, their nutrition and they take control of these things not forgetting self care practise!

So, if you are interested, I would love to hear from you 😀

I am hoping to find FIVE riders that are ready and looking for some support and advice on rider fitness, health and wellness from the comfort of their own own home.

I am looking for you if you:

– know what to do but need accountability and support
– want to improve your riding fitness with a bespoke fitness and coaching programme
– want community, support, accountability, problem solving and a ‘person’ removed from daily life to support you
– want something that is ‘yours’ no block or cookie cutter programming, simple, specific advice

If this sounds like something for you please fill in the following link and I will ring you and we can chat, with no obligations to sign up (free) about whether online rider fitness coaching is something that will work for you.…/1-SjxM3gw7qkwdU1xbuK4XOJwjt_…/edit

Let’s chat and find something that works for you!

As always feel free to e mail me on info@eventingfit,com

I would genuinely love to hear from you, horse stories make me happy 😀

Jenni x