Are you too ‘Healthy’

Does that sound hypocritical to you? An equestrian fitness blogger suggesting you could be TOO healthy?

Do you ever (secretly of course because your not going to admit it out loud) feel superior to someone else because you make ‘better’ food choices, because you are more disciplined or have more control?

Well, you are not alone. Balance is a hard thing to achieve, and sometimes on this fitness path we find ourselves tipping over and becoming perhaps a bit ‘too’ healthy. Now hang on, I am all for leading a fit and healthy lifestyle but is it a lifestyle or your life? If its taking over, do you want it to? Yes, I can talk from personal experience here!

I know many people need to make changes, for themselves, their children and their horses. I coach people online because I truly believe I can give you the mindset that YOU can do it too!

It is somewhat easier to grab nourishing meals on the go than it perhaps has been in the past, easier to gran processed convienience food for sure, but it can absolutely be done. Most of us try to eat at least three nourishing meals a day where the plate is abundant in colour and not drowning in beige obscurity, I hope!

That said, I hear all the time from friends clients and even myself this notion of ‘bad’ food. Oh I had some bread, oh I must eat this that and the other. So thats the reason for this post…. What is BAD, to you?

Society has taught us that food is GOOD or BAD and we must be rewarded or punished based on our food choices. Food is food, yes a micronutrient dense meal is better for you and there should be more of those, but sometimes the Pringles just don’t stop-a-poppin, you with me?!

I have tried a strict diet with the cheat meal thing once a week. Nope, there is nothing good about sitting in a car park stuffing the most giant cinnamon bun in your face because its bloody Friday and you weighed in lighter. Sorry, not something I enjoyed and not something I advocate to my clients. I truly believe you have to find what works for you and something occasionally you enjoy in moderation is better than going hard just for the sake of it. It feeds that reward mechanism and you become reliant on the food for comfort and for most people it can be destructive.

What I do hate though, is being judged for making conservative choices by ‘the persuaders’ in your friendship circles, sometimes you will eat the brownie and sometimes you will not, balance. That doesn’t make you obsessive either so let’s not comment on what others put in their mouths or the choices individuals make for themselves!

For me personally I like to track my food and my macros (periodically), I am fascinated by the science of it, for most clients this is not something I will suggest, It can be a bit much. I have given clients macro guidance in the past but its just not for everyone and I find most people work better with a gentler lifestyle based approach and that is something we can figure out together.

For the most part, with new clients I like to find out what they do not want to go without. For me, I like to have a wrap or a sandwich occasionally, I like chocolate and things like cereal and popcorn to snack upon. Then we work together to find a way where we can still incorporate those things. Balance. Do not put your food demons in the cupboard hoping you won’t hear them calling. You will!

Please do not take this post the wrong way if you can 100% of the time eat whole foods only, hats off to you! You are doing better than me and thats inspiring. If you like me went way to obsessive with your diet and have a bit of a control issue over food I can work with you to create some balance. If your diet is poor, because I know a LOT LOT LOT of riders diets are poor based on busy schedules, then do not panic, small sustainable changes will see you reach a healthy balance that is right for you, your mind and your body.

I would love to hear your approach to food and creating balance to fit your fitness goals that are sustainable for your family 🙂

Jenni x

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