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I'm Dr. Jenni Douglas

I am an equestrian sports performance academic, online equestrian fitness coach, podcaster, and educator with big dreams. Obsessed with: outdoor adventures, yoga pants and creating a life where I can make a difference in the world to as many horses and riders as possible whilst spending the majority of my time with my family.

I have not always been the girl with the healthy lifestyle or positive body image. In fact, ~ 7 years ago I was overweight and whilst 'fit' I couldn't seem to find a comfortable 'me' or body image. I was a full time senior lecturer (equestrian sports science), busy mum and friend andI felt like a fraud, teaching others about equestrian performance and physical preparation when I wasn't in the best shape myself.

Fast forwards a few years and I got it in too much check! I was concerned with the way I looked more than the way I performed and let fitness and nutrition consume every aspect of my life.

I now believe that I can teach others how to not only ride optimally, but also function optimally as a person, to achieve balance and create a positive mindset to achieve and find a way to make fitness and health and enjoyable part of your life as an equestrian, whilst being able to enjoy a functional fit and aesthetic body.

As a busy rider, I understand the demands that equestrian sports have not only on our body but also out lifestyles. I am a realist and understand that behind each rider is a person and behind each person is a horse.

That's why I started EventFit, to try and reach as many riders as possible to help them reach their personal and equestrian fitness related goals, and to improve equine welfare world wide. I hope that I can be the person to help you too!

When I am not writing blogs and lectures, podcasting, training clients or educating students I like to spend my time with my husband and two young boys. I enjoy working on my own fitness goals and winding down with yoga and dog walks.

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