Welcome to your EventFit Membership! I am so excited to have you as an ‘EventFitter’, we are team rider strong! On this page you can see your exclusive rider fitness monthly training programme and the latest member videos and blog content below. You can also use the archive search to easily look at back content by month or category. There is also a search button to help you navigate the site more fluidly. 

If you are not sure how to perform an exercise then please see the tab ‘exercise demonstrations’ in the members area section of the menu 🙂 if there are any exercises you need just e mail me at info@eventingfit.com and I will get that arranged!

Your Exclusive EventFit Members Rider Fitness Programme Downloads

Here you can find your programme for the month, just use the drop down boxes to choose the month you wish to download. These programmes do not have to be done in order, they are just for you to use as guidance and inspiration on your fit rider journey 🙂

October Programme Download

To keep you motivated this month I have the 35 day holiday workout calendar for you to download!

Head to this page  to get all the info you need and to get you started 🙂

35 day holiday workout calendar!

This month in your EventFit membership I am giving you my 30-Day Rider Fitness Challenge!

EventFit 30 Day Challenge

There is an opportunity to win prizes:

1st Place: Three month 1:1 training package

2nd Place: One month 1:1 training package

3rd Place: EventFit vest top and training bag


See here for more info on how to enter this 30 day rider fitness challenge 🙂

Let’s get fit in Feb together! Download your February Programme Below!!

Not sure what to do? Contact me at info@eventingfit.com.

Feb EventFit Members Programme PDF

Hi #riderdtrong friends!

Here is your March download!

Mar EventFit Members Programme

If you didn’t know I am running a FREE daily challenge in March so please join us by clicking here 

Week One

April week one

day 1 core

day 2 legs and balance



April week 2

april wk 2 day 5april wk 2 day 6APRIL WK 2 DAY 7


APRIL DAY 7april monthly programme week 3 backdropWEEK 3 DAY 8




april monthly programme backdrop week 4WEEK 4 DAY 11WEEK 4 DAY 12WEEK FOUR DAY 10

How are you following along each week as it progresses?





Week Two

May week 2 # 1

may week 2 # 2may week 3 # 3

Week 3

may week 3 # 1may week 3 # 2may week 3 # 3!

Week Four

MAY WEEK 4 # 1MAY WEEK 4 # 2MAY WEEK 4 # 3

August will have you working functional strength and core. Click below to download the PDF programme. Don’t forget to look under ‘Exercise Demos’ or check out my you tube site 🙂

Aug EventFit Members Programme

Happy September Riders!

I have a new layout style for you and I hope that you like it? Let me know how your workouts go this month and if you have any questions for me 😀 Jenni x

Happy October EventFitters here is the October Download for you all. I hope your having a healthy year and are keeping up with your fitness as the nights get darker and colder. We can do this!


October 2017 Programme

November Members Programme

November is the time of year where the treats do not stop continuously until you pledge a body transformation  and set new years resolutions. Heck, I am eating a pumpkin scone whilst typing this. I do not want to miss out on all the festive food and you don’t have to! Treats in moderation, exercise regularly and your set.

This time of year its easy to fell off the ‘horse’ and so use this Calendar to keep you on track, let me know how you feel about this style of membership programme 🙂

December is a busy time, so this month I have created four circuits for you to complete as and when you can to get that heart rate up and work your muscles all at once. Enjoy and work hard in the short time and use that extra time to spend with your family 😀

Aug EventFit Members Programme

Happy New Year Rider Strong Friends! Here is a programme to kickstart your new year 😀


December 2017 Programme

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