EventFit Programmes

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Trying to find a fitness professional with a knowledge of rider performance can be a challenge. EventFit programmes are based on research conducted by Jenni throughout her PhD into Rider Performance. As a rider you spend a great deal of time an effort concentrating on your horses nutrition and athletic performance and EventFit is here to be the support you need as a rider! There are various options from those that require no equipment such as the EventFit 30-Day Rider Fitness challenge, challenges specific to each phase of Eventing such as EventFit Phases 1-3 and EventFit Personal Programming where each workout is completely designed for you!



A 30-day challenge download with a unique rosette tier system that contains over 40 exercises with pictures and descriptions that can be done with no equipment at home or in the yard.

EventFit Phase I

This programme is leaned towards the Dressage phase and incorporates steady state cardio, exercise mastery, original strength and re-set exercises.

EventFit Phase II

This leaned more towards show jumping with loaded, stabilitative exercises. Cardio will include more high intensity interval based sessions and we will teach the body how to control the torso whilst landing.

EventFit Phase III

This programme will include accelerated cardio circuits, destabilization and reactive core training and importantly isometric exercises under fatigue.