Hi, I'm Jenni, a fitness professional and exercise science academic. With 10+ years experience in teaching, training, academic study I have transformed many lives through lecturing and coaching using fitness education and healthy lifestyle changes.

I started my career an Equestrian Sports Specialist and have worked specifically with riders looking to improve their physical preparation to enable them to be a functional athlete to work in harmony with their horse whether that is for leisure or competition.

I worked on my academic career and conducted a PhD on the Physiological demands of Event riding. Throughout my time learning about the physical requirements of riding, I developed a true passion for inspiring, educating and motivating others to improve their own and the wellness of their horses using fitness and healthy lifestyle changes.

That's why I started EventFit, to try and reach as many riders as possible to help them reach their personal and equestrian fitness related goals, I hope that I can help you too!

When I am not writing blogs, or training clients I like to spend my time with my husband and two young boys. I enjoy working on my own fitness goals and winding down with yoga and dog walks.

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PhD (Exercise Physiology: The Horse-Rider) University of Worcester – Institute of Sport and Exercise Science

MSc Applied Equine Science

PGCE Research Methods (Distinction)

PGCE Teaching in Higher Education
BSc (Hons) Equine Science
L3 Personal Trainer

Teaching Interests:

Horse and Rider Performance
Equine/Human Exercise Physiology
Equine/Human Biomechanics
Equine Sports Medicine
Equestrian Sports

Research Interests:

Physiological and biomechanical demands on the rider in a variety of equestrian sports.
The use and effectiveness of sports specific training interventions on performance related factors in equestrians.
Identification of performance related physical fitness variables in riders.
Horse-Rider Interaction
Performance analysis in Equestrian Sports